Holding Fast to the Letters of the Bible, I Became a Pharisee of the Present Age


                                                      Xu Weixin

                                      Dalian City, Liaoning Province

I was once a leader in the Pentecostal Church in Dalian Development Zone. On September 30, 2002, I accepted Almighty God’s new work of the last days. It was God’s great love that had saved me. Otherwise I would still be running on the path of resisting God and not repent. Thank Almighty God for His salvation to me, which made me have a fresh start and step on a new journey in life.

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Why is it that the church of Almighty God has become more and more prosperous while the churches of the Age of Grace are all so desolate?

The answer from God’s word:

“The clearest expression of the Holy Spirit’s work is in embracing the here and now, not clinging to the past. Those who have not kept up with the work of today, and who have become separated from the practice of today, are those who oppose and do not accept the work of the Holy Spirit. Such people defy the present work of God. Though they hold onto the light of the past, this does not mean it is possible to deny that they do not know the work of the Holy Spirit. …

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